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Hiking Around Chefchaouen

Akchour Take a scenic and breathtaking 1.5 hour hike hike in the mountains towards the Pond de Dieu. After the dam, the path lies on the right side of the river and goes up the hill quite steep. The bridge was formed by the river floating underground and carving its way over millenia. There seems […]

Cave Houses of Bhalil

Cave Houses of Bhalil

Tired of the beaten path of desert dunes, camel rides and the din of the medinas? How about taking a different route to the village of cave houses in Bhalil? The cave houses of Bhalil are one good reason to visit this village which is nestled in the province of Sefrou in northern Morocco. The […]

Agadir – Morocco’s Seaside Resort

Are you ready for a seaside holiday for sunbathing, swimming and plain ole chilling? Agadir is Morocco’s leading seaside resort with its 10km long beach of fine sand and endless sunshine. Agadir is a never to be missed vacation destination that is suited for individuals, couples and a great place for families to vacation. The […]

Visit Tétouan

Tétouan like much of Morocco’s cities is rich in history and culture. The town is located between the Rif Mountains rising up from the Mediterranean Sea. For over 40 years it was under Spanish Protectorate and even today the town has its unique Moorish-Spaniard look and feel with its whitewashed walls and shuttered windows. The […]

Travel the Desert Dunes

The dunes of Merzouga are one of the more popular attractions when visiting Morocco. What is a trip to Morocco without visiting the Erg Chebbi, which is Morocco’s most genuine Saharan dune or erg, which is a drifting sea of sand dunes that travels from Algeria into Morocco. Visitors to the Erg Chebbi usually feel […]

10 Things to Do When Visiting Morocco

When visiting Morocco, here are 10 of our selected things to do on your visit in Morocco. 1. Majorelle Gardens, Marrakech. A beautiful botanical garden dedicated to the memory of Yves Saint Laurent 2. Djemaa El Fna, Marrakech for the entertainment of musicians, dancers, snake charmers, storytellers and great food. 3. Fes. The medina of […]

Take a day trip to Asilah

Asilah, situated on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean may be Morocco’s best well-kept secret. Located southeast of Tangier and Tetouan, the casual visitor to Asilah will find it laid-back and a relaxing place to visit. The beauty of this town is its white and blue walls enclosed by defensive walls built by the Portuguese […]