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Tips when visiting Morocco

Moroccans are famous for their hospitality and love showing visitors their country. Before you go to Morocco, here are some friendly tips from Morocco Why Not to make your trip to Morocco, even easier.

You will find that a few words of basic Arabic or Darijaa (Moroccan Arabic dialect) will be especially handy. Try shukran (thank you), la shukran (no thank you) or shukran bezzef (thank you very much) to get you started.

Spring months are the best time to visit Morocco. You will ease your way into the lush green and the fresh scent of spring blossoms. The summer months can be harsh, remember this is Africa! Ramadan is an interesting time to travel, just be prepared to keep a bottle of water handy and be aware that restaurants and cafes are closed during the day time hours. Ramadan for 2012 will be during July 20 – August 19 2012.

What is the better type of accommodation for your visit? Morocco Why Not vote is to stay in a riad, which is a traditional Moroccan house built around an internal garden. Popular destinations such as Marrakech and Fes are famous for their grand riads. Morocco Why Not will make recommendations on a riad that suit your style.

Keep small change handy. It is very good to tip and a few dirhams’s (the Moroccan currency) for service rendered is helpful and brings a smile to the staff your tipping. Tip 5% to 10% of the restaurant bill. Tipping taxis, guides, and the youth on the street that can be especially helpful is indeed and personally rewarding!

Don’t use a guide who is not officially licensed by the Ministry of Tourism. Morocco Why Not will provide you with licensed tourist guides who are knowledgeable about their country’s history, architecture, landscape and more.

Bargaining! If you are not used to bargaining, we say fear not, as it is an intrinsic part of the Moroccan culture. Best thing to do is to ignore the first price the merchant will quote you, stick to your budget and your bottom dollar. Bargaining should be a friendly endeavor and you should not feel pressured to make the purchase. When in doubt, give a smile, say next time, and walk away.

The offer to sit down and have some mint tea is culturally Moroccan. When offered mint tea by a local, sit down, enjoy the time to meet with new friends or make business over a cup of hot mint tea.

For women travelers, especially when travelling solo; you may be accosted by suitors and cat-callers. Treat it lightly and best to avoid eye contact. If it persists, threaten police involvement. It surprisingly can be effective.

We hope these tips are helpful to you and especially handy for the first time traveler to Morocco.


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