A listing of most recent reviews from past clients. Additional reviews from past customers can be found on TripAdvisor

Things are going great. We are very happy with Mohammed. His English is very good, he is flexible and the vehicle is very comfortable. Sean Brosnan and Family, Ireland, August 2012

We were very happy with Mohammad as our driver. He was reliable and always on time meeting us at the agreed time and place. We felt safe with him as our driver. He was friendly, flexible and accommodating. Many thanks. Lynne, Matt & Freddie Conner, UK – August 2012

Betsy Blakeslee, CA USA – August 2012
We enjoyed Chefchauoen and Zak. Working with you to set up the trip was easy and pleasant. You communicated clearly, and I felt that we were in good hands when we left for Morocco.The blue city was beautiful, and we enjoyed strolling around the medina and exploring the fascinating river life in the evening. We were grateful that Zak and Hassan provided bottled water for us, free of charge, in the van. Zak was nice and honest and seemed to care about us having a good trip.

Jasmin Baxa, Texas USA – May 2012
“Our trip to Morocco was perfect!”
Sorry for taking long getting this in but just wanted to let others know you guys are way cool. Really love Sandy. she responded timely to emails and answer questions and made great suggestions for our trip. I knew we were with the right tour operators for our Morocco trip, after speaking with her for the first time. Morocco is an extraordinary place and we had a very good and safe driver and our guide Zak is a very cool guy who speak fluent English. They met us at the airport in Casablanca and from there everything about our trip went remarkable well, from the drive, the food, the riad, the tour in the medina, the trip to Meknes and the ruins and the trip to the dunes.

Max and Lynn Yung, NY USA – March 2012
We came to Morocco with the excitement of first time traveler to your country. Woohoo! Why not Morocco made it extra special as they took us on tours of the markets and a trip to the desert dunes in Merzouga. We had a great time! Man that camel ride but hey the beauty of the sun setting over the desert and being up early for the sun rise the next morning was awesome. You guys made it happen, we did lots of planning with Why Not and always she gave us great and timely response. Zak was a great guy to get along with and it was good we had someone who speak english so fluently. Any one who will do a tour in Morocco and want to deal with people who you can connect with 1×1, that’s the people at Morocco Why Not. They stayed with the plan, the price was right for our the tour, arranging our lunch and supper and just the entertainment and good company they gave. Morocco the country..great country to visit. All the best to you guys at Morocco Why Not.

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