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Read one customer’s review about us on the New York Times Travel page.

At the New York Times Travel Show in March 2012, we were a hit with reporter and author, Brie Austin.

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Past Customers Testimonials

  • So glad we choose your private tour and would not have wanted it any differently. Our only complaint, our trip wasn’t long enough. (cry!) Looking forward to another Morocco trip with you. Lisa (Mar 2012)
  • a nuestros amigos marroquíes, muchas gracias por el viaje por su país. Nidia (Mar 2012)
  • Just want to thank you for taking care of our transport and trip. Sandy was just fantastic, she was always onhand to answer questions and get things worked out for us. Really appreciate her help and time. Nx time we do a longer trip in Morocco and use ‘Morocco Why Not’ again. Doug/Shel (Feb 2012)
  • Thank you, you guys rock! We enjoyed our 7 days through Morocco. Our trip was arranged to see the must see highlights…Marrakesh, Atlas Mountains, Sahara desert. Great choice in hotels and I had some good nights of zzz’s. We want to thank everyone at Morocco why not for the arrangements of the tour, your rep in the US was in constant communication with us, even up to our time of departure. We made some great friends and hope to be back soon. All the best.
    Linda & friends, FL (end of Jan 2012)
  • Zak was excellent, he was helpful, always on time and did a fantastic job taking us around and answering our questions. He is a great representative for Morocco Why Not and an excellent ambassador for your country. We enjoyed our time spent in Marrakech and Fez. Many thanks for making our trip memorable.
    Elena and Analisa, NY, NY (Jan 2011)
  • I wholeheartedly recommend Morocco Why Not Travel to anyone interested in visiting Morocco. I was very impressed with their timeliness of airport pickup and being at the hotel on time for excursions. Most of all I was impressed with the friendliness, kindness and jovial attitudes they carried. There was NEVER a dull moment. They tailored my itinerary to what I needed and delivered it in perfect Moroccan hospitality. Sandi, Saint Louis MO (Dec 24-Jan 2′ 12)
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